Attract, retain and engage more members.

Rival big banks with our ecosystem of socially responsible FinTech products while giving back to the planet.


"Other banks don't have anything like this."


"I love this! It feels like you’re using Fitbit. I would definitely use it. Is it ready to use right now?”


"I hope my credit union provides this to us!"

Connect with Millennials

Millennials are nearly twice as likely to invest in companies or funds that target specific social or environmental outcomes.

Empower the next generation of impact investors

84% of millennials insist on investing in ESG products as a central goal.

Financial Wellness

Unlock your member's true potential with personalized AI-enabled tools that optimize their financial health.

Community Building

Your members can send money, earn rewards, learn, and text friends & family within our platform to achieve goals.

Impact through Banking

Provide your members with an ecosystem of socially responsible products without having to build anything.

Be at the Forefront of Innovation

Never worry about outdated products again.

Understand Member Needs

Our ecosystem connects to an analytics dashboard that can help you make informed, member-driven decisions.

Financial Inclusion

Enable your members to qualify for loans and mortgages by giving them access to the tools they need to thrive, not just survive.
Increase engagement
Member retention
Increase liquidity


Fit for credit unions of all sizes. Contact us for more information.

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